OzDAFNE Health Professional training process

Becoming an OzDAFNE Facilitator

Health professionals must complete training to become an accredited OzDAFNE Facilitator. This training is known as the DAFNE Educator Program (DEP). To be eligible for the DEP, you must:

  • Be a Registered Nurse and Credentialled Diabetes Educator (RN-CDE) or an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD)
  • Have clinical experience working with people with type 1 diabetes
  • Be committed to the philosophy of self-management and freedom to eat
  • Be committed to the principles of DAFNE
  • Be an effective communicator
  • Preferably have had experience in facilitating group programs
  • Work at an existing OzDAFNE centre or work in a diabetes service that meets the criteria for becoming a new OzDAFNE Centre

Becoming an OzDAFNE Centre

In order to become and to remain an accredited OzDAFNE Centre, your diabetes service must:

  • Have strong management support to introduce and run OzDAFNE. This includes assigning sufficient staff time, resources and funding for:
    • The 5-day DAFNE courses
    • Pre-course appointments for participants
    • Half-day follow-up sessions
    • Administration
  • Identify at least one Credentialled Diabetes Nurse Educator to complete the DEP
  • Identify at least one Accredited Practising Dietitian to complete the DEP
  • Ideally, you will also have a diabetes specialist or doctor who supports OzDAFNE in your service
  • Pay the fee for initial training and resources
  • Pay the yearly OzDAFNE Collaborative membership fee ($200 in 2016)
  • Abide by the OzDAFNE Collaborative guidelines regarding ownership of intellectual property and the use of OzDAFNE resources
  • Ensure that your OzDAFNE Facilitators complete the OzDAFNE Quality Assurance Program requirements. This includes:
    • Delivering the curriculum to a high standard
    • Completing a yearly internal peer review
    • Running the minimum number of courses per year as required

The training process – the DAFNE Educator Program (DEP)

The DEP is a four-part structured training course. It enables trainees to become accredited DAFNE Facilitators. A short description of each part of the DEP is below.

STEP 1 – Observation of a 5-day DAFNE course

Trainees observe a full 5-day DAFNE course. Experienced DAFNE Facilitators deliver the course. Trainees complete a number of exercises during the week.

STEP 2 – Two-day workshop

Trainees attend a 2-day workshop. The workshop covers the DAFNE principles, how to deliver the DAFNE curriculum, and how to run the program in a diabetes service. Workshops are held in Melbourne as needed.

STEP 3 – Delivery of a 5-day DAFNE course

Trainees deliver their first 5-day DAFNE course at their service. They receive peer support from an experienced DAFNE Facilitator.

STEP 4 – Peer review

The competency of the trainees is assessed by an experienced DAFNE Facilitator during delivery of their first 5-day course. 

The trainee is accredited as a DAFNE Facilitator once they finish the DEP. Each DAFNE Facilitator must then complete all quality assurance requirements each year to remain accredited.


Please contact the OzDAFNE Project Officer if you or your diabetes service is interested in training. We can give you more information about becoming a DAFNE Facilitator or DAFNE centre. Otherwise, you can come along to one of our OzDAFNE Health Professional Workshops. These workshops provide details about the training process and DAFNE in general.