What is involved?

About the course

DAFNE is a five-day course, which runs from 9am to 5pm each day. You will need to attend all five days of the course. You may need to take time off work, study or other commitments. We can give you a letter for your employer that explains the DAFNE program and its benefits for your health. This may help you get time off work to attend the course.

The cost to attend a DAFNE course varies between locations. This is because there are different funding levels and running costs at each DAFNE centre. Please contact your local DAFNE centre directly to find out how much their courses cost.

Before the course

Before the five-day course starts, you will need to attend a one hour appointment with the DAFNE staff running the course. At the appointment, we will give you more information and talk about any changes you may need to make before the course begins. You will need to have some blood and urine tests done, fill in a few questionnaires, and answer some questions about your diabetes management and your general health. All information that is collected about you will be kept confidential and securely filed to meet legal requirements. It will only be passed on to your endocrinologist, doctor or other members of your diabetes care team if you give us permission to do so.  

Before the course starts, we will ask your endocrinologist or treating doctor to complete a form giving their approval for you to attend the program. Therefore, it is important that you have talked to them about your interest in DAFNE. Your doctor can contact their local DAFNE centre or the OzDAFNE Project Officer for more information about the course.   

After the course

The DAFNE program also offers review sessions for your group after you have finished the five-day course. Review sessions last for about 3–4 hours and are a good way to catch up with your group members. You can talk about any improvements or issues that you have had since the five-day course finished. Review sessions are held at 6 weeks, 6 months and 12 months after your five-day course. We will look at your diabetes management and general health again at the 12 month review session. By looking at your pre-course and 12 month information, we will be able to see the difference that DAFNE has made to your diabetes management.