DAFNE Poetry

Andrew attended a DAFNE course in June 2008. Co-written with his son Sam, the following poem shares Andrew's experience of DAFNE:

An Ode to DAFNE

Before DAFNE it was hit and miss
And hypos without warning
But now I reckon I'm on top of things
From first thing in the morning

No collapsing on the beach
Or late-night paramedic runs
No mistaking prawns for toothpicks
To the amusement of my sons

Now I deal with things from meal to meal
Adjusting as I go
No longer at the mercy
Of this pancreatic foe

The program rocks and it sure is worth
The time that I'm investing
It's even worth the extra jabs
For all the glucose testing

Thanks to DAFNE I'm now doing things
That I didn't do before
And it's rejuvenated parts of me
That pointed to the floor

And not long ago I never thought
That I could travel 'round the world
But March this year, I went to France
To see it with my girl

But the best thing about DAFNE?
Well it's here, it's what you are seeing
I feel so much more alive
And so improved in my wellbeing