Comments from participants

What do participants have to say about DAFNE?

We collect feedback from all our DAFNE participants straight after their course. We ask for more feedback when people return to see us 12 months after their course. Here is a selection of what people had to say about the program:

  • "This is the most beneficial thing I have done for my diabetes – ever. It has given me the knowledge, tools and confidence to take control of my diabetes, and my general health and lifestyle."

  • "It’s a great program. Its length is great because you have the time to actually understand and learn in a realistic way. It’s taught well and thoroughly, professionally but with plenty of compassion. Everyone who does this will benefit, whether they take on large or small changes."

  • "To have the nuts and bolts of diabetes explained so well and all put together to get an overall picture was amazingly helpful. Also the small and seemingly insignificant information provided as tips along the way was invaluable. A very worthwhile and informative week which I enjoyed immensely."

  • "It was well worth the time taken out of my normal life to do the course. Fun, educational and eye-opening."

  • "I feel after 37 years of guessing what I should do that I finally have the skills and tools I have needed to control my BGL. Thank you so much. This is an excellent program that empowers us to care for our diabetes."

  • "I attended this course at my doctor's insistence, thinking 'I am already carb counting - what am I going to learn?' How wrong was I?!?!?! I learned heaps and all for the better control of my diabetes!"

  • "I’m so happy. I can now control my sugars and finally go out with my friends and eat what they do. No limitations."

  • "DAFNE has given me greater confidence to take control of my dosages. My weight management is much better as I don’t have to eat to a set dose of insulin. I can enjoy a high-carb treat without guilt – just insulin. I can enjoy carb-free meals. It has been excellent for managing diabetes while travelling and changing time zones. I didn’t feel anxious about trying to keep track of times – I knew I could adjust when necessary. DAFNE has been a liberating experience during a very emotional year."

  • "DAFNE has completely changed my outlook on my diabetes and my health in general. When I came to DAFNE, I was over-insulinised and suffering from hypo-related anxiety and feelings of hopelessness. DAFNE has given me the knowledge and the power to turn my life around while I still can."

  • "I am no longer guessing. I am applying a formula that works well. I also feel more confident in speaking to professionals about my health."

  • "I found the program to be practical and very relevant to me as a type 1 who was having trouble controlling my BGLs at times. I gained a much greater understanding of the principles and subsequently established much better control. It also enabled me to correct ‘out of target’ readings much more effectively. I have much more confidence in my ability to maintain controlled BGLs since DAFNE."

  • "My diabetes was always well-controlled, but DAFNE gives me freedom."