Get involved

Get involved with DAFNE

We are always looking for graduates who are happy to tell us about their DAFNE experiences. We want to make the DAFNE program as great as it can possibly be. This feedback helps us make changes to improve the course and the experiences of people who attend the program. It gives us the opportunity to promote the DAFNE program to people with diabetes and health professionals. It also helps us approach various funding bodies with an aim to make the program available to as many people as possible.

There are a number of ways that you can get involved in helping us. You could:

  • Be interviewed about your DAFNE experience (either on video or in written format).
  • Write a page or paragraph or blog about DAFNE that we can use on this website, in newsletters or in funding applications.
  • Tell health professionals about your experience at one of our health professional workshops.
  • Be a mentor to people who are thinking about doing DAFNE, or other graduates who may need some support.
  • Be a ‘case study’ – letting our DAFNE Facilitators follow your progress and report on this at conferences in Australia and overseas.
  • Simply help spread the word. Tell people about your experience with DAFNE.

If you are happy to volunteer some time to get involved in the DAFNE community, then please let us know! Feel free to contact your DAFNE centre or contact the OzDAFNE Project Officer for any current opportunities in your area.