DAFNE Online

DAFNE Online - a web-based community for DAFNE graduates from around the world.

DAFNE Online is an online community of DAFNE graduates, health professionals, management, and friends and family of people with type 1 diabetes. DAFNE Online was created by two DAFNE graduates from the UK. It now has members from all over the world.

Users who sign up to the DAFNE Online website are able to access a number of great features:

  • User Forums – discussion forums where you can ask questions, talk about DAFNE and meet other people who have completed a DAFNE course.
  • Online Blood Glucose Diary – this is similar in format to the paper-based DAFNE Diary. The online blood glucose diary lets you record your daily blood glucose readings. You can create graphs, and share results with your DAFNE team, group members, friends or family.
  • DAFNE Carbohydrate Portion List – an online, searchable version of the paper-based DAFNE Carbohydrate Portion list. You can even add your own personal entries.
  • DAFNE Course Workbook – DAFNE graduates are able to access an online version of the latest edition DAFNE Workbook.
  • News – read all the latest news and events for DAFNE and DAFNE Online.
  • Mobile Version – you can access all the important features of DAFNE Online via mobile phone or PDA.
  • DAFNE App – a free App for iPhone and Android. Access your DAFNE blood glucose recording diary and CP list through the App.

OzDAFNE is encouraging all our graduates to sign up to DAFNE Online. It is a great way of keeping in touch with your fellow graduates and your DAFNE team. It also gives you the chance to meet and compare experiences with other graduates from around Australia and the world.

If you would like to join the DAFNE Online community, please contact your DAFNE team for instructions and your unique sign-up code (which identifies you as a DAFNE graduate). For more general information about DAFNE Online, please visit the DAFNE Online website or contact the OzDAFNE Project Officer.